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Christmas Celebration at the Pattaya Orphange

25.12.2015 – The Pattaya Orphanage celebrated this special event with the children and invited the ones of the CPDC and all their benefactors and sponsors as well. Together everyone passed a great evening.

Christmas Celebration at the Pattaya Orphange

At 5 pm the Orphanage opened its doors for the great party and the first visitors came to the football field, on which a lot of tables were set up in front of a huge stage. Everything was decorated beautifully and Christmas lights in the trees made the atmosphere even better.


Every visitor had the chance to buy tickets for the Lucky Drawing at the beginning, which was an excitement for young and old. You could win special prices such as a big television.


In the meantime, the other guests had the possibility to sit together, have a nice talk and enjoy the variegated buffet, which was offering fresh fruits, Spicy Noodle Soup, Pad Tai, Sticky Rice, Coconut Cake and much more. While having dinner everyone could listen to the amazing show on stage.


The first group, which was performing, was the Orphanage´s carol singers. They sang very lovely and everyone could come in the right mood for Christmas with this first performance. After that, Father Michael Weera Phangrak hold a Christmas speech in which he thanked all of our benefactors and especially the guests, who are spending Christmas with us.


Secondly, we had a wonderful, traditional Thai Dance, which was performed by dancers of the Alangkarn-Theater. Everyone enjoyed these very beautiful dances.


Afterwards, the children of our Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC) had also the chance to sing for the Christmas people. It was a great pleasure because even the little ones were brave enough to sing in front of such a huge audience.


Following this, the children of the Orphanage were given some nice Christmas presents on the stage. It was such a pleasant time because every child had a huge laugh in the face.


Later on, a magician captured the attention of the children. Because of his exciting legerdemains, which included also, that some children assisted on the stage, they gathered very close in front of the stage.


Furthermore, Khun Noi, the head of our Drop-In Center and a former orphan of the Orphanage sold nice T-Shirts from his new “Hero Association”.


There is even one more thing, which made the party special: Many former Orphans of the Pattaya Orphanage came to celebrate Christmas. It was so charming to see them all together on the stage.


But unfortunately every great party has to end, and this party did this with a delightful firework, so that everyone has great memories of Christmas.


We would like to say “Thank you” from our hearts to everyone who celebrated Christmas with us and made such a memorable Christmas party.

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