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Christmas Party at the Pattaya Orphanage

25.12.2014 – On Christmas Day the Pattaya Orphanage celebrated Christmas with its friends and benefactors.

Christmas Party at the Pattaya Orphanage

For this occasion, a big stage, tables and chairs were set up at the sports area and the whole compound was decorated colourfully with many lights to lighten up the area in the evening.


But before looking for a table or the beautiful decorations, everyone wanted to register for our Lucky Drawing first. Our guests had high hopes winning one of our big prices such bicycles or a flat screen television.


Who did not wanted to depend on luck could take their luck into their own hands by playing a more active role through bidding. We had prepared a Christmas Auction with many items which were donated during the previous months by many of the Pattaya Orphanage’s friends and benefactors.


Articles in high demand were the breakfast and dinner vouchers which were donated by hotels like the Royal Cliff Hotel and the Hilton Hotel, but other people also liked to bid on items which they could take home afterwards to put them on the wall like a hand-made tapestries or something to decorate their homes with for example wood carved figures.


Despite the competitive battle all the bidder had a lot of fun cheering each other, thus creating a joyful atmosphere.


In the meantime, our other guests enjoyed to sit at a table chatting with friends and choosing their meal at our sumptuous buffet which offered for instance fresh local fruits, Pad Thai, Noodle Soup, Sticky Rice, French Fries or Coconut Cake. While eating everyone could listen to the show on the stage.


The first one performing on the big stage was the Pattaya Orphanage’s choir singing lovely Christmas carols which put our guests in the right mood for our Christmas party.


Secondly, the stage was used for the handing out of Christmas presents to the Pattaya Orphanage’s children. But also our CPDC children who joined as guests received presents which were handed out by Mr Reiner Calmund.


Following this, the first ten Lucky Draws were made to extend this happy moment of giving for a little longer.


Then the entertainment on the stage continued with a group of five boys and five girls performing a charming dance, followed by a group of students of the Sotpattana School for the Deaf.


Later on a magician captured the children’s imagination. The children gathered around the stage to see better what the magician was doing.


After another couple of Lucky Draws, the teenage girls from the Pattaya Orphanage performed the song “You Raise Me Up” which created a tender and peaceful atmosphere.


However, the Christmas party had to come to an end with the last auctioned articles, the last Lucky Draws and the last speech in which Father Michael Weera Phangrak thanked everyone for celebrating Christmas with us.


In the very last moment a firework started so that we all finished the day with another fond memory of a great Christmas party together.


We would like to thank everyone who decided to celebrate Christmas with us and everyone who donated something for the Christmas Auction. Through this auction over 150,000 baht could be raised for the “Education Fund” , so thanks to all the enthusiastic bidder, too.

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