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Introducing the new volunteer of HHNFT

21.04.2016 – My name is Helen Renn, I am 18 years old and I am from Germany. I am going to support the volunteers Paulina Becker and Josephine Fahr during my internship for the next three months.

Introducing the new volunteer of HHNFT

I just graduated from school last month and now, during my gap year, it is a pleasure for me to work as a volunteer for the Human Help Network Foundation Thailand.

During the first week I have already got an amazing first impression of their work here in Pattaya, the people and their culture and of course the organization, while spending my time at the CPDC and at the Songkran celebration with the two other volunteers.


I am really looking forward to spend my time with the children from the orphanage and CPDC, to collect new experiences every day and to support the other two volunteers in the office, as good as possible, with public relations and other organization tasks and occasionally help them with teaching English to preschool classes.


My fellow colleges and the children are lovely, I was given a very warm welcome and I am very happy to spend the next three months here.

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