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It’s an Easter Party at the CPDC!

01.04.2018 – It has been a tradition since five years by now that Khun Elfe Seitz and her Austrian and German friends sponsor Easter Event of “EGGs HUNT” at the Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC).

It’s an Easter Party at the CPDC!

The children of our ASEAN Education Center are joining children of CPDC celebrated this year’s Easter Monday. As well we were joined by our lovely supporters who live in Pattaya and who kindly sponsored various little gifts for the children.

The event began with a little fun quiz run by the Drop-In Manager Khun Noi, in which the children were sent out to find small bags of Easter goodies hidden by the teachers in the grounds. Unfortunately, a shower of heavy rain resulted in a speedy hunt for the Easter bags – which were all luckily found in minutes!

After locating and retrieving their Easter gift bags, the children along with teachers and sponsors, took part in a small lucky draw which yielded prizes for everyone.

After all this excitement we all enjoyed some delicious and aromatic Thai noodles and some of the children delighted us with their impromptu dancing.

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