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Royal Varuna Yacht Club

04.10.2017 – An amazing day at the beach.

Royal Varuna Yacht Club

On Wednesday this week 80 of our Children were invited to the royal varuna yacht club.

Together with our newest assets to the team, the 11 Lufthansa Proteamers. The Children enjoyed themselves all day.

The yacht club offered many different activities! Sailing, Paddleboarding and playing in the pool were only the beginning! To dry of playing volleyball or visiting the arts and crafts station were always an option.

At around 12 O’Clock everyone needed some lunch! Playing in the water all morning was so exhausting you could see everyone was starting to get a little tired! Though that stopped no one from going for another round of activities after lunch! With new energy in tow our Happy faces kept on practicing back flips and swim techniques until it was time to leave. On the way back eyes were starting to close from exhaustion but happy nonetheless.

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