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Thailand National Children’s Day

13.01.2018 – Children’s Day is recognized around the world and here in Thailand it is held annually on the second Saturday of January, when Thai people celebrate Children's Day by taking their children out to have fun.

Thailand National Children’s Day

Children are the future of a country. Here at the CPDC, Children’s Day has a special significance for us, given that we are dedicated to helping children in need.  This year we were supported in making this a fantastic celebration by a generous donation from our sponsors and benefactors which enabled us to give prizes and gifts to the 150 children who joined us for this celebration.

As part of our festivities we held a small show, where the children from the Drop in Center performed some dancing and singing. This was followed by the children splitting up into various groups and enjoying some of the many fun activities on offer, including dancing, drawing, painting and an interactive game to teach the importance of hand hygiene; all of which were planned and run by local Burapha University students who came to support us for the day.  These activities  were  followed by lunch and some Bingo for the older children and a game of prize fishing for the younger ones.

This wonderful day was capped up by every child’s school bag being filled with new and exciting toys and everyone leaving tired and happy, after what was a truly wonderful National Children’s Day, 2018.

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