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Three Months as a Volunteer

27.06.2015 – My three month of living in Pattaya and of supporting the two other HHNFT volunteers have passed by quickly.

Three Months as a Volunteer

In the last months, I saw a lot of  and moreover, I learned a lot of new things.


In the first couple of weeks, I mainly helped to do some public relations work in the HHN Office and thereby I mastered to work with Photoshop and InDesign. This work in the HHN Office has prepared me in many ways for my upcoming apprenticeship as industrial business management assistant.


I am very glad that I got the chance to manage a large variety of tasks here. For instance, apart from my work in the office I started to teach some children at CPDC to play the recorder. It was really lovely to see how the kids had fun and were happy to learn new things. Besides, I really appreciated the chance to spend some time with the children as it was a welcome change from the work in the office.


In addition to the music lessons, Katharina and I started to teach three preschool children (about 4 years old) in learning English. It was a very good experience and I loved to play and draw with the children while teaching them the first English words. Gradually the kids were able to count to 10 and now start to know the alphabet.


Last week I also filled in for one of the other volunteers in teaching a young boy German. The boy will be adopted to Germany in a few month and that is why he should start to learn some German words and get used to the new language. It was really fun to teach just one child and even if it was a bit more stressful than teaching three kids. However, with the help of one other volunteer and one nanny it was great to spend some time with just the one child, so I could concentrate on him and could create a lesson according to his preferences.


All in all, I am really glad to have spent three months in this project in Pattaya. It was great an experience to get to know Thai people, to live a few month in Thailand and just spend time with the children who showed you their gratefulness with their smiles.

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