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Two days with the Navy

28.08.2017 – 25 Children from the CPDC got the chance to board a supply ship from the US Navy. 

Two days with the Navy

Sunday morning at nine O’clock we left for Sriracha Harbor where the USNS Ericsson

t-ao 194 is docked during its stay here in Pattaya.

We got a private tour of the ship by Mrs. Yolanda Lomax. We started with the sleeping quarters and worked our way through the ship.

We saw the Engine room, the library, the kitchen, the dining quarters and of course we got to visit the bridge of the ship. Along the way we met a lot of people who work aboard the ship. Our guide even demonstrated how to put on an emergency swim suit.


At the end of our tour we had lunch together. Between cookies and Ice Cream everyone got a hot Dog and Fries.

Leaving the ship, some of the sailors  gave each child a bag filled with treats.

It was a stunning experience for both, the children and the teachers.



On Monday a group of Civil mariners from the same ship came by the Day Care Center to play with the Children.

We split up into two groups. While the one group played outside the other one stayed inside.  After running around and playing we had all earned ourselves some lunch.

While the big kids set up the tables the smaller ones sang some songs to show off their great repertoire of songs they have by now.


After lunch, our visitors passed out bags with treats to everyone and finally, all the Children and the marines got together for a last Photo.

Many thanks go to the team of marines from the USNS Ericsson at this point, for not hesitating to help with the tasks at hand and for spending their time with the Children.


Last but not least a huge thank you to Khun Peter for all the effort he put into organizing these two days for the children!  We are very grateful for the possibilities you provided the children and will always welcome you with open arms.

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Human Help Network – Boarding the USNS Ericsson t-ao 194

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