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The Child Protection and Development Center

The Child Protection and Development Center provides a safe residence for children who choose this option, with prior screening at the Drop-in Center. Street children and victims of sexual abuse, as well as children at risk of sexual abuse are offered safe shelter. They are also offered counseling, the opportunity to regain their childhood and, eventually, be reintegrated into school, their families and communities.


The journey from the streets to the Child Protection and Development Center always happens on a voluntarily basis and takes place when the child has decided to leave the street and live in a structured and safe environment. The role of CPDC’s social workers is to accompany each street child in the process of self-rehabilitation.


The CPDC is located at some remove from the town of Pattaya, this helps to insulate the children from the dangers that they are exposed to on the street. The seven acre site is in a semi-rural area allowing the children more room to breathe and be at ease.The project currently consists of six residential houses separated by gender, each housing eight children and a supervisor; a site office; a nursery; and some farm land, including a newly built mushroom farm and aquaculture facilities. Just completed are the Shower Block, the Dining Sala, the Education Center (including classrooms and a library) and a basketball court.


The number of children permanently living in the Center currently varies between 35 and 45. Many of them have faced abuse, humiliation or extreme poverty before coming to live at the Center. The children attend public schools in the surrounding area.

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