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Our Volunteers

Volunteers are an integral part of our work. Only they make our team truly international. Volunteering with the Human Help Network is not about bringing change or improving things on a large scale. It’s about small steps, little contributions wherever there is an opportunity to help. In the end it’s not great achievements but the honest commitment towards Thailand’s poor and underprivileged that makes our volunteers so valuable to us.

Filip Rothaut

Jonna Becker

Fanny Däbel

Elisa Reinecke

Renee Richter

Gerrit Ecknig

Hannah Heichen

Christian Frick

Helen Renn

Natascha Hirsch

Josephine Fahr

Paulina Becker

Bernadette Thiele

Katharina Quaiser

Malte Hüggelmeyer

Linda Müller

Naima Lipka

Katharina Hoesler

Alena Hayer

Isabell Lauf

Ana Stammler

Nikolaij Perscheid

Filis Yücel

Jenny Fischer

Warun Kowalczyk

Sabrina Akolk

Lena Schupp

Lukas Freund

Viola Gauss

Tabea Bender

Anne Engelmann

Alun Evans

Benjamin Fischer

Nadine Hauschildt

Malte Wolf

Wiebke Dickfeld

Stephie Urban

Deborah Looser

Julia Riemann

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