Drop-In Center/ASEAN Education Center

This is the initial place where homeless and all kinds of children victims can request for help. It provides protection and rehabilitation both physically and mentally for children with safe shelter, food, clothing and medical care. Children receive consultation and help plan by certified psychologist and licensed social worker. Problems are analyzed and short term and long term solutions are planned accordingly for example, request for identification, scholarship, allocate and contact the family and accepting children into CPDC’s custody.

Furthermore, Drop-In Center has established ASEAN Education Center to provide a safe shelter for migrant children. AEC operates like a day care for migrant children to empower them with knowledge of basic life skills, moral, ethics, discipline, Thai, English, Math and their native language (Cambodian and Burmese). There are approximately 80-100 migrant children come to AEC on daily basis. The center operates from 08.00-16.00 hours.