Ewald Dietrich

Over the past decade, we have successfully set up and expanded the HHN Foundation Thailand. The organization has grown and become a domestically and internationally recognized partner in the fight against child trafficking exploitation and poverty. Our specially developed four-part Child Protection and Development Program has proven its effectiveness and HHNFT was awarded with many prestigious awards and recognitions such as 2013 Thailand NGO Awards, 2017 Social Impact Awards and Good  Governance Rating from Giving Back Association and the latest HHNFT receiving plague of honor  from Chonburi Province as an Organization supporting Children and Youth on the National Youth Day 2018.


However, there is no room for complacency at HHNFT. International child trafficking and child abuse are still widespread; children’s rights are being violated at this very moment. In Pattaya alone, we are talking about hundreds of street children, migrant children, underprivileged children and abused children, experiencing horrid childhood on daily basis.


Therefore, we are determined to continue fighting for the two most essential children’s rights: the right to a good quality education and to an untroubled childhood. Adequate care, food, shelter and participation in education are prerequisite to breaking the vicious cycle of extreme poverty and leading a healthy life in the long run.


This 10th Anniversary should mark a significant milestone of what we have achieved so far and commitments, which we promise to deliver our help and support to children regardless of their religion, race, gender and nationality for many more years to come.


This astounding achievement is the sum of all management and staff’s devotion, local communities’ participation and definitely kindest generosity of all benefactors and sponsors.


Thank you for fighting with us. Only with your generous support, we can intensify our efforts to provide deprived children in Pattaya with the prospects of a better life.

Ewald Dietrich.