Didier Moly

10 years already!

It is an old wonderful relationship between The Human Help Network Foundation Thailand and Les Amis de l’Orphelinat de Pattaya, French Charity organization, as we have been supporting its projects for the benefit and safety of the underprivileged children from the very beginning, when the land was a greenfield, before the houses were wooden huts…

10 years ago, when we have been contacted by Mrs. Radchada Chomjinda (“Khun Toy”), our late President Baron Riccardo Carini, KC*SG., KCHS and myself, we were not really convinced about the opportunity to support additional organization to help the children in Pattaya. However, considering the arguments presented by Khun Toy, as well as the fast development of the city of Pattaya, its economic backdrop, and the opening of borders, we had to admit the pressing need to protect the most vulnerable children and to fight against child trafficking. We were confident in the huge experience acquired by Khun Toy when she worked close to Father Brennan, and also in her good will and great love for the children, as guided by her Christian faith. Her goal remained to protect and give them the foundations and the moral, social and vocational structures, necessary to their future adult life. So, with pleasure, we responded positively to her request.

Many Europeans would have doubted such a project, especially when I visited the field where it was decided to build the future structure of the CPDC: a land below a road which was neither more nor less a rice field covered with 50 cm of water… Some months later, the land was occupied. Today, it is a very beautiful place where I have the pleasure to come, as well as its lush vegetable garden where fruit and vegetables abound. I am thinking about the words of Jesus:


it is to their fruits that you will recognize them


We are all very proud to have contributed to the achievement of the HHNFT projects. We feel a great joy and satisfaction to help children in need, under the care of the Foundation, through our children’ sponsorship program and financial support for positive projects, such as children’s houses. And it is an honour to contribute to fight against child trafficking and exploitation.


The Human Help Network Foundation Thailand provides a caring home in a safe environment, an education, nutritious meals and medical assistance to the children living in the Child Protection and Development Center and the Drop-in Center. It has also extended its actions for the welfare and safety of the most vulnerable children through its fight against child abuse, trafficking, exploitation, poverty, and continued prevention work, thanks to the Outreach work and also the Asean Education Center.


Education is the key of life and all the children are educated in many aspects. Respect, confidence, education, love, hope and joy are some of the principles inculcated in them, in a safe, caring and loving environment. Thanks to an instruction, schooling and true values, the children are learning how « to earn their own rice » as used to say our beloved Fr Raymond A. Brennan CSsR (founder of the Pattaya Orphanage and its social projects. They can grow into independent and healthy adults, become responsible and decent members of the Thai society. They can reach their full potential, meet real opportunities for a brighter future, beyond differences, religions, cultures, beliefs, and ethnic groups.


All this is possible because of a Team, thanks to Mr. Samphan Akrapongpanich (Khun Samphan”) ” and all the skilled and devoted managers, educators, staff and volunteers. The many Awards, local and international recognitions just confirm their tremendous work done these last 10 years.

Best wishes of prosperity and longevity, Happy Anniversary and Congratulations! With warmest thoughts to all of you and the children, May God bless you all.

Didier Moly
Founding and executive Manager / Les Amis de l’Orphelinat de Pattaya