Dr. Angela Lewis

The HHN Foundation Thailand only exists thanks to the vision and dedication of one woman, and that is Khun Radchada Chomjinda. In 2008 she identified a need to help the numerous underprivileged children living in and around Pattaya, many of whom arrive here from nearby countries seeking work in Thailand. Together with a dedicated team of former orphans and the help of a strong supporter group both across  local business and the ex-pat community, the HHNFT continues to thrive and grow, expanding their services to providing education and health services to children living in and around the construction sites where their parents are employed. A jewel in the crown of this work is the Mobile Training Unit which travels around the city and delivers a large range of services directly to children in need, most of whom have no access to basic health care or schooling.

As well, the HHNFT operates a hugely successful Drop-In Center, where children who are living on the street can experience some rest and respite from their harsh lives.  Along with food and basic necessities, this Center very importantly provides counselling and advice to help the children protect themselves from predators and harm while living on the streets.  As finances allow, the HHNFT are also able to give some disenfranchised children a permanent family environment at the CPDC, which currently houses approximately 75 children.

Protecting children is no easy task and the fight against hardship, poverty and exploitation is one that cannot be sustained simply by the dedication and hard work of the HHFNT and their many volunteers. It is a simple fact of life that Khun Toy and her team need ongoing financial help and support to continue to build on their legacy.  Please think about making a donation and giving your support to this vital work, because as the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child.