Celebrating Thailand’s 2014 Children’s Day – the Dolphin Way!

This wonderful excursion was sponsored  by the 3L Foundation, who invited all the children from the CPDC to spend a morning at the Pattaya Dolphin World and Resort to enjoy the facilities and to see the show.

The highlight of the day for our children was definitely the wonderful dolphin show.  We were very lucky to have seats right in the middle of the arena, so every child had a great view and was able to marvel at their clever feats and cute tricks— including singing dolphin songs, wearing hats and playing soccer with their tail fins.

Seven of our lucky students had the very special opportunity of being invited to participate in the show, by holding the hoops as the dolphins leapt through and then were rewarded with a very special kiss from each dolphin. It was a day full of fun and exciting new experiences for our children who were amazed by the skills of these beautiful animals.

We give our heartfelt thanks to Khun Pam and Khun Ashley from the 3L Foundation for making Children’s Day 2014 a day that the children of the CDPC will never forget.