A Day Out at the Pattaya Sheep Farm and Jester’s Children’s Fair

On the morning of our outing staff members and the children met in front of the Pattaya Sheep Farm. The children were excited and looking forward to seeing the animals. There were many different types of animals at the compound, including sheep which the children could feed with fodder and also with bottles of milk, as well as ponies, deer, donkeys, cows, geese and even one monkey. As well as the animals there was a small Ferris wheel, an Indian teepee, hay rolls and a playground were the children enjoyed themselves immensely.
After this we visited the Regent School of Pattaya, where the 16th Jester’s Children’s Fair was being held. The compound of the school was a perfect setting for the fair and the outdoor areas provided enough space for fun activities, such as face painting, a huge bouncy castle, stalls where children could play games to win a prize, as well as the opportunity to practice some handicrafts.
The Jester’s Children’s Fair is one of the main events held by the Jester’s Care for Kids Charity Drive in 2013. The donations raised during these charity events are used to support the needy children, living on the Eastern Seaboard.
It was a wonderful day and we thank the organizers for their generosity and kindness in allowing us to share the fun and festivities.  All the children of the CPDC had a fantastic time and are looking forward to next year’s fair.