The honorable members of the OCBC Bank Singapore visit the CPDC

Our honourable guests arrived just before lunch and were met by the assembled staff and team of the HHNFT.  Khun Toy began the visit by giving our guests an overview of the philosophy and aims of the CPDC and the group was then split into 3 smaller groups and offered a choice of sporting activities, handicrafts or tree planting.
Despite the hot sun, 10 men and women joined the oldest CPDC boys and helped them plant trees along the fence line. The result of everyone’s hard work was a row of beautiful young trees, which will be a long life reminder to the centre of the CPDC bank employee’s contribution to our work.
The second group comprised mostly of women and the older girls, who enjoyed their time doing handicrafts and creating some pretty bracelets and necklaces.  It was lovely to witness the teamwork between the visitors, the CPDC staff and the children.
The third group took part in sport activities and enthusiastically joined in with the children and playing games of basketball and volleyball.  The highlight for this group was the big balloon game, with a play-off between two children and an OCBC Bank employee.
Apart from being the host for children’s luncheon the OCBC group also brought a new washing machine and printer, footballs & basket balls, toys and other necessary daily stuff for the children.
Everyone had a lot of fun and we are grateful and honoured that the OCBC bank and their staff  cared so much about this project that they  gave  their precious personal time to help in our centre. Thank you for kindest donation and please come again.