The CPDC visits Disney on Ice, 25th March 2013

Staff, children and volunteers were all up bright and early, ready for their big adventure, which began with a bus ride to Bangkok.  The long journey passed quickly with the aid of movies and a snack—as well as the growing anticipation of knowing we would soon be seeing the Disney characters coming to life as they danced on the ice.
When we arrived at the the arena where the show was to be held, there was a miniature Disney castle so everyone could take photos, Disney character cutouts and the chance to play basketball while we waited for the show to start.
The time finally came for everyone to take their seats in the stadium and the next few hours just flew by.  Everyone was spellbound as they watched the Disney characters play out the best known scenes from Disney movies. Staff and volunteers were delighted to share this very special moment with the CDPC family and we are sure it is a memory that will staff with them forever.
The HHN Foundation would like to thank everybody for their kindness and generosity of our dear benefactors in allowing us to give the children this very special, once in a life time experience.