Royal Thai Navy and US Navy meet at CPDC

After their arrival early in the morning the 30 Navy members of the two countries were divided into two groups. While one group was adjusting the land of our vegetable garden the rest was helping us with a very remarkable task. Some weeks ago a heavy storm raged over Pattaya and did hard damage. At our center the storm blew one of our water tanks into the fish pond.  No matter how hard our staff was trying to get the tank back on shore, it was impossible as the tank was filled with water and very heavy. The fearless members of the Navy got into the water, twisted a rope around the tank, scooped the water out of it and pulled the tank out of the water. After a refreshing shower the diligent workers had fun playing running games with the children.
Then it was lunchtime and the US Navy, the Royal Thai Navy and our children were able to enjoy their meal together. Moreover the Navies surprised the children with self made cookies. It was a great pleasure for everybody and we are already looking forward to the next meeting.
We would like to thank both teams for joining us this day and volunteering at our Center, especially to Peter Thorand President of The Navy League Siam Council Thailand.