Toffee cooking course entertains children at CPDC

Every child loves sweets, yet only a few know how to prepare them on their own. The children of the CPDC had the chance to learn this great art last weekend, when the German confectioner Karin Ebelsberger organized a toffee cooking course.  Indeed, the children did not only learn how to make simple sweets, but Karin Ebelsberger showed them how to make fancy toffees. On each day of the weekend a course of four hours was held and all the children could join. Especially Ton, a 15 year old boy, did his job with passion and skill. Later on the boy wants to be a chef and he is going to attend a vocational training in Sattahip. The “menu” included toffees topped with cornflakes, sugar roasted nuts, muesli bars and chocolate fruits. The children helped eagerly cutting and steering, though the most preferred task was sampling the self made sweets. The finalized candies did not have a long life expectancy either.
We would like to thank Karin Ebelsberger for her initiative, motivation and enthusiasm in teaching the children of the CPDC. She will be welcome any time she wants to pay us another visit.