Austrian Embassy sponsors Christmas presents

Already for a longer time Dr. Johannes Peterlik and Dr. Uschi Peterlik have supported the CPDC and they now took Christmas as an opportunity to give the children a pleasure. They invited all the children to an excursion to a toys store of the Central Festival Shopping Mall. However the children could not only inspect all the toys, but also select one as their very special Christmas present. It was no surprise that facing the big choice of toys it took some time to find the right one. Eventually there were big smiles on the children’s faces and everybody was happy, whether with a remote-controlled car, a dollhouse or cuddly toys.
Finally the cherry on the cake of this day was a lunch at a restaurant sponsored by the Austrian Consul Rudolf Hofer.
To thank their generous sponsors the children gave them little dolls made by themselves as a present.
HHNFT wants to extend its gratitude towards the charitable Austrian sponsors as well.