Chonburi officials visit CPDC

At about 11am the visitors arrived at the CPDC where they were welcomed by the HHNFT staff. Initially, they were given some introductive explanations about the necessity of child protective actions in Pattaya and about the goals of the work at this place. These include providing street children with protection, education and prospects for the future.
Few later some of the children used their school break time to come back to the CPDC and have lunch there. Hence, everybody together enjoyed the delicious food provided once more by Khun Eat and her team. This lunch had been sponsored by the guests who furthermore proved their generosity by bringing plenty of toys and food articles with them as presents. Well fed and happy about the children’s joy facing the toys, the group took a look at the various facilities of the CPDC ranging from accommodating houses to a nursing unit and the Education Center. At this point the friendly visitors also made use of the occasion to ask numerous interesting questions and thus showed their deeper solicitousness in the children’s fate.
Finally, the group headed further to the Drop-In-Center in order to get information about the immediate care for street children over there. Before, however, they surprised with a generous donation of 15.000 Bath to be used for the children “Education Fund” of the CPDC.
On behalf of HHNFT we want to extend our gratitude for this friendly and interesting visit as well as the generous support.