Great fun with the US Navy at the Fountain of Life

Once more Khun Peter Thorand had paved the way for a group of US Navy members for having a day of new experiences and great fun. This time the destination has been the Fountain of Life Centre, a place that provides a day care program for underprivileged children living in Pattaya. The visit of the US Navy made for variety from the daily life of the children. At the beginning the children presented some songs and dancing they know and taught them to their visitors. These accepted the challenge and participated with enthusiasm. Thereafter the Nannies had prepared a few games, such as musical chairs. This brought the children and the US Navy group closer together. As a gesture of gratefulness Sister Jones, head of the centre, presented the visitors with a framed group photo of the children. Afterwards there was some more time which everybody benefited from by playing together outside in the garden.
In conclusion it is not exaggerated to claim that the common activities of the US Navy and HHNFT can meanwhile be called a yielding cooperation.