Games Day with Credit Suisse

Not numbers or money transfers were the challenges for the thirteen members of the bank Credit Suisse this Saturday, but they had chosen something completely different. Coming from four different cities in the world (Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong and Zurich) they had decided to spend two days in Pattaya at the occasion of their yearly charity group meeting. This time they had a special goal – helping children in need.
Their day began at nine o’clock with a guided tour through the CPDC. Afterwards they prepared several activities for which they had brought a lot of equipment. A little later everything was ready for the games and the interaction with the children began. As it was Saturday not only the children living in the CPDC were present but also those coming from the slums. Together they had the opportunity to attend this great event.
Already early this morning a bouncing castle had been set up and fascinated all the children. But this was far from being everything. Combining the facility of the recently finished sports court with the toys, the Credit Suisse team organized many different games and activities: Hockey and basketball attracted especially the boys no matter of which age while many of the girls joined the ‘beauty salon’. There, they had their faces painted, made their finger nails and arranged their hair. Especially for the young ones the Credit Suisse people had thought of drawing material – a good idea! What is more, they arranged several other activities besides the bouncing castle, hereby using badminton rackets and balls from small to big.
During the whole time tasty and freshly made coconut pudding was available as it was arranged that a food stand from the city was present. Even though everyone was pleased about these snacks the whole group appreciated the great lunch prepared by the CPDC head chef of kitchen, Khun Eid. Fortunately, not only the Credit Suisse team was generous but in addition to that, lunch was sponsored by a local family. Rice, red curry with potatoes and chicken, stir-fried pork and French fries satisfied everyone. And as the proverb says: “Keep the best for last” this great meal was crowned by the following desert with ice cream and fruits.
Shortly after lunch the activities started again: Balloons were distributed and tied to everyone’s feet. In the amazing game ‘all against all’ the aim was to destroy the other’s balloons whilst saving one’s own. To put it in a nutshell, it was great fun! After many hours of playing, laughing and cheering the day came to its end and the Credit Suisse group said good bye; But not without making presents to every single child. What is more, the toys brought along will further be available for the children. Full of curiosity and social commitment, the team resisted their tired legs and arms and visited the little babies and toddlers at the Pattaya Orphanage as well.
HHNFT and the CPDC feel highly honored having been visited by the group of Credit Suisse. We want to say thank you for your admirable interest, your active help and your generous donations!