Drinking Water for the CPDC – Rotary Club donates Filters

The filtration and purification system is as simple as it is brilliant: Two plastic containers, one filled with rain water and one underneath to collect the filtrated drinking water. The core of the system is a high tech ceramic filter from Switzerland, one of the few filters of that kind that matches the World Health Organization’s standards regarding water quality. Even if the water is muddy, contaminated or infested with bacteria, the outcome will always be pure high quality drinking water.
Since the system is gravity operated, there is no need for electricity or external power supplies, which makes drinking water production cheap and easy. In fact, these filtration systems are the final step in the CPDC’s sustainable and environmentally friendly water management infrastructure, as the facilities to collect large amounts of rain water have been in place since the project’s very beginning.
The key initiators were Mr. Abbink and Mr. Fricsay along with our long time supporter Mr. Muller, all committed members of the Rotary Club in Pattaya. They’ve been distributing drip filter systems among schools and social projects in Thailand in the past years, which has proved an effective and affordable way of producing clean water.
The Human Help Network Foundation Thailand and the Child Protection and Development Center would like to sincerely thank the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Pattaya and also the cooperating Rotary Club in Switzerland – who sent the filters – for the generous donation and this great contribution to our children’s health.