YWCA Scholarship Awards at the Diana Garden Resort

The purpose of awarding these scholarships is to support pupils who may not have the means to pay for school uniforms, materials or tuition fees. These scholarships ensure that children who may not have the means or family support to do so, are given the opportunity to continue their education at local schools, colleges or universities.
Before the awards and official ceremony began, everyone was treated to a lovely lunch at the Diana Garden Resort, with a sumptuous buffet that included many delicious local dishes including the universal favourite, Pad Thai.
After lunch everyone was seated in the assembly hall for some entertainment which included singing and games. Two lucky children won a huge teddy bear and a Mickey Mouse pillow, one for best dancer and the other for winning the rock-paper-scissors contest.
The entertainment concluded with some children performing a traditional Thai dance and one student treating us to a demonstration of his karate skills.
After a short prayer, the president of the YMCA Bangkok-Pattaya gave his welcome speech, followed by speeches from a number of visiting dignitaries. The scholarships were then presented to the proud children.
Granting these scholarships was not possible without the combined financial contributions of all the participating organisations, including The Rotary Club of Eastern Seaboard, the Pattaya Sports Club and the Human Help Network Foundation Thailand. We know the children will remember this for the rest of their lives and see the benefit for many years to come as they are able to continue their education.
We also had a little surprise in store for the members of the YMCA:  after the ceremony ended they were met in front of the building and asked to partake in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. These brave women accepted and good-naturedly allowed guests to pour ice water over them.
We all finished the day with a good laugh and many fond memories of a great day together; once again big thanks to the YMCA for organizing such a fantastic event and for the provision of so many scholarships.