Amadeus Asia&Pacific visits the CPDC

In the morning hours the Amadeus group arrived at the CPDC. The big day was well prepared
and everyone was excited about the visitors. Especially our 70 children and staff from the CPDC and 50 children from Day Care Center were looking forward to meet the special guests.
After a warm welcome from Khun Toy and Mrs. Ana Dovel, the HR Director of Amadeus Asia&Pacific, the children performed their practiced dances in colorful costumes to our guests.
This was only the beginning of a fantastic day with such various activities.
For the next hour, the group was split into smaller teams. Each team had a different task and mastered this together with the children. Some painted a wall, others worked on the field or helped building the playground. And yet others prepared food for lunch or played games with the kids. It is very awesome to see, how the compound changed a little more to be more beautiful. Thank you, Amadeus, for the great help!
Following the work in the high temperatures everybody came together for lunch in front of the education center where a big buffet was built up. Now, that everybody had a good meal, a huge game session with music started. A lot of laughter accompanied the program. The Amadeus company, all children and the CPDC´s staff all took part.
Apart from this amazing day, the company also donated 60,000 Baht to the CPDC. Thank you a lot for this contribution towards the CPDC. The day was unforgettable for all of us and we are grateful that you made this day possible.