Chinese Acrobats at the Pattaya Orphanage

Already hours before the actual Show started, small stalls were ready to sell Maa Maa, T-Shirts for the Hero Association and many more.
Slowly, the guests including sponsors and benefactors of the Orphanage arrived, ate dinner and awaited the amazing Show. Also children of the CPDC as well as children from Phims Day Care Center had the chance to attend.
At first, the Chairman of the Ceremony Mr. Veerasilapha Tarasilapha, owner of the Tara Resort and the Rue Mai Restaurant, came on the stage and Father Micheal Weera Phangrak, Director of the Pattaya Orphanage, gave him presents to thank his generosity.
Following, the exciting performances started. They varied from feats on a bicycle over balancing over a rope to performing hanging in cloth in the air. Balls were juggled from one foot to another and plates were balanced on thin sticks. Not only once you saw openmouthed children standing up to have a better sight on the stage.
We want to thank the acrobats deeply that they performed such a great show and also our deep thanks goes to every sponsor and guest for helping raise money for the Education Fund.