Easter party at the CPDC

The CPDC together with the children of the Day-Care-Center celebrate Easter on Monday after Easter Sunday. From the morning onward they were all excited to start the Egg hunting in the afternoon.
The Egg hunting started with the smaller children to make sure that all of them have their share, followed the older ones, who are much faster in finding the eggs. Hence, every child could happily hold a bag with chocolate and small toys in his/her hands.
When the older ones were lining up to start running around the football field to find the hidden eggs, they could barely stand and wait for the signal to start. Within a few minutes, every child came back smiling with a small bag on hand.
However, this was not the only exciting part of that day. More eggs made of paper were prepared to let the children pick their lucky prices. All eggs were numbered for the children to get in exchange of bags with sweets and presents inside.
After everyone had choose one egg and got the related bag, the buffet was opened. It included lots of different kinds of food such noodle soup, French Fries, Som Tam, fresh fruit and even pancakes. Therefore nobody went to bed with an empty stomach.
Yet, the party was not over, the children were so proud to show their dancing skills. Already, while some people still ate, groups of children presented various dances and thereafter, they could not stop, so even Khun Elfi joined for a dance.
Sincere thanks to her and her friends, who continued to sponsor the celebration on Easter Monday for 5 years already.