HHNFT part of “HANA`s CSR Donation Program Year 2016”

This Friday, Khun Toy was invited to receive the donation and the certificate of the rating. Previous to the event, she had an interview by the Bangkok Post.
The event itself started with a presentation by two Myanmar children of the HHN Drop-In/ Day-Care Center who presented a lovely dance to the pleasure of the guests, followed by the Opening Speech of Mr. Richard Han, CEO of HANA Microelectronics PCL and the presentation of Mr. Terry Weir about the Giving Back Association. Then it comes to the part of HANA Microelectronics handling donations to 10 charities and the Giving Back Association giving the plagues to all. Khun Toy represented all charities to thank HANA Microelectronics and the Giving Back Association for their generosity. Followed by another word of thanks from Fr. Peter Pattaraphong and three songs from the Folk Song Band of the Father Ray Foundation.
We truly appreciate the rating support by the Giving Back Association and are thankful to be chosen as one of the charities benefited from the “HANA`s CSR Donation Program Year 2016”.
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