Khun Toys visit to adoptive families in Germany and Denmark

The first stop for Khun Toy was at two German families, one with the adopted boy Jojo and the second with the 7 year old boy Midfield. These enriching visits were made possible by dear Mr. and Mrs. Haas of the Parents Child Bridge Germany, who took care of Khun Toy and drove her over 1,000 kilometers so she could visit the two families.
A day later Khun Toy was already sitting in a plane to Denmark, heading to a great meeting in Hillerod near Copenhagen. But before the meeting took place, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Vang gave Khun Toy and her daughter a tour of the historic castle and the Queen´s Royal Palace in Hellsingor. In the evening they invited her to their beautiful house next to the sea and gave her a fantastic dinner and nice gifts. Thanks a lot for your generous hospitality and effort.
On the next day a great meeting with 98 children and adoptive parents took place in Hillerod near Copenhagen. A special pleasure was the attendance of Rikke Klestrup (Danish International Adoption) and Kasper Nesager (Danish Foundation), that both had a big share on the big success of this meeting. Mr. Klestrup was the key person, making Khun Toys visit even possible and arranging the beautiful gathering, while Mr. Nesager gave a great speech at the gathering and being an important supporter of the work of HHNFT. A huge thank you to both of you!
Khun Toy was positive surprised seeing all these grown up men and women, that were still small children at the last meeting of this kind. It was beautiful to see all these pretty and handsome children and grown-ups, all being a firm part of the families. The one thing that was astonishing, was all the children speaking English and Danish, but no one spoke Thai. Also it was fun to see the children looking Thai, but having the live and characteristics of the Danish people.
Having seen all the happy children and parents, Khun Toy described herself as the ´happiest person on earth´!
Last but not least we want to thank Mr. Robert, the Dierector of the Danish International Adoption and his Deputy Mrs. Janentte for the enriching gathering. We also owe Mr. Christien de Jonquieres, Mr. Jonny Reimar and the entire team of the Danish Pattaya Foundation 2003 a huge thank you for your great support and your outstanding work.
Thanks again to you all.
May god bless you and your families!