Happy birthday to our beloved Khun Toy and Khun Samphan

After celebrating Khun Toy´s birthday in private at the HHN-office, on Monday, the 26th  of September,  Khun Toy and Khun Samphan went to the new Drop-In Center to celebrate their birthdays with the children from Burma, Laos and Cambodia again. It was a big pleasure for all of them.
Both of them gave some heartwarming words towards the kids, which sang a lovely version of “happy birthday” version afterwards. Then the staff of the Center handed a gorgeous, handmade present to them. But Khun Toy and Khun Samphan were not the only ones who got some presents on this day. They surprised the kids of the Drop-In Center with new lunch boxes and a delicious meal for the next day.
Dear Khun Toy, dear Khun Samphan, we hope you had a wonderful day and that the year ahead will be filled with love, happiness and many wonderful moments.
Once again: „Happy Birthday“ from our hearts to both of you!
Our entire team feels very thankful to have you with us. You are a great inspiration for all of us.