New Year´s Party at the CPDC

In a rather small, but still lovely celebration, the children, the staff and about ten visitors got the chance to end the year all together with a nice dinner and presents, not only for the children.
The evening started off with a short speech by Khun Toy and two singing performences by the children. After that our Drop-In Manager Khun Noi declared the Buffet as open and old and young didn´t hesitate to try all these different delicious kinds of food and snacks.
Later on every child got their presents and there was also a lucky draw for the staff. Also for the visitors, there had been presents prepared, which were handed out during the celebration as well.
Once everybody was happy ,either because of the delicious food, the beautiful presents, or both, the party slowly ended and the visitors and the outside staff headed home.
Thank you to everyone, who made this evening such a beautiful one to end the year with!