The U.S. Navy visits the ASEAN Education Center

At 09:30 eleven men and women from the U.S. Navy arrived at the ASEAN Education Center together with Peter Thorand the president of the Navy League, Siam Council, Thailand. All of them brought heavy packages filled with stuffed animals, sanitary products, towels, clothes, balls and Frisbees.
However, before the children got their presents the young Navies started an entertaining program with the students. In different games the kids as well as the adults had to demonstrate their skills, their rapidity, their cleverness and their sense of humour, while carrying spoons filled with water, Ping-Pong balls or straws with their mouths.
After two hours of playing games, everybody enjoyed a delicious meal inside the building. But there was still more to come. After lunchtime the kids performed two lovely songs for the guests and finally the young students received their presents which were donated by different sponsors from all over the United States.
Once again, we would like to say “thank you” to the U.S. Navy for this wonderful morning. We are looking forward to your next visit!