A day at the beach with the BIG GUY Charity

Normally, the kids from the Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC) are joining this event at Pattaya Water Park. This year for the first time the charity decided to spend the day not in the Park. They rather celebrated with the children at the beach in Haad Nang Rum in Sattaheep.
After leaving the CPDC in the morning, a bus filled with 43 children headed off to Sattaheep where the sponsors of the BIG GUY Charity were already waiting for them. Right in the beginning every child and every teacher got a red bracelet to show that they were belonging to the event and to get free food and drinks at the beach during the whole day.
However, before doing anything else the children jumped into the sea to cool a bit down on this hot day. After hours of playing in the water, everybody got free food and drinks provided by our generous sponsors from the BIG GUY Charity. But at 15:30 the day was nearly over and the group assembled one last time to thank the sponsors. Furthermore, every child got a present and the whole group got lots of drinks and snacks for our way back home.
Thank you again, BIG GUY Charity, for this beautiful day. Everybody enjoyed this wonderful event at the beach. We really appreciate your annual support!