Special Guests in Pattaya

After arriving at the ASEAN Education Center, the guests were welcomed by the small students who were staying at the Center on this special day regardless the Buddhist holiday.
While Khun Toy showed the visitors the different facilities, the children had the chance to play outside in the playground, to participate in a Thai lesson or to watch a movie in front of our Mobile Training Unit, which stayed at the ASEAN Education Center on this day.
Before leaving to the CPDC outside the city, the guests were invited to have lunch with the children at the ASEAN Education Center, but not before the students performed a lovely version of “If you´re happy and you know it” for the visitors.
Arriving at the Child Protection and Development Center, the guests were welcomed by the children and teachers. After a short speech by Khun Toy and some warm words by Mrs. Gebauer herself, the CPDC children had the chance to play with all the toys the two families have donated to the projects.
Moreover, we had some time to show the visitors our different (farming-) projects, as well as some of the rooms where the kids sleep. During the tour, our small guests had the opportunity to play with other children their ages.
We want to thank Mrs. Sonja Gebauer, Mr. Viktor Vavricka and Mrs. Bernadette Christine Vavricka-Michel for this special day, their time and their interest in our work.
Of course we are hoping for further cooperation with the German and Swiss Embassy in Bangkok. We are very grateful for their support!