Orphanage Charity Concert

All proceeds of the event went to the “Education Fund” for the children of the Pattaya Orphanage. The event started with the Orphanage Children’s entertaining performances. Followed by the highlight of the concert, the performance of Thailand’s most famous band “Carabao”, which played many of its famous songs.
The theatre was full of excited Carabao fans, which made it possible to sell many tickets. Combining with the auction of four guitars by Carabao members themselves during the concert, the charity concert was able to raise nearly 1 million baht. Also, the orphanage was fortunate to get a donation of 100.000 baht by the Chonburi Deputy Gov. Phawat Lertmukhda. The Deputy Gov., the Orphanage Director Rev. Veera Pangrak, HHNFT Director Radchada Comjinda, Sopin Thappajug and friends concluded the event by saying thank you to the great support of the band. The Charity Concert was an absolute success thanks to all the benefactors and helpers.