Children celebrate Thai new year the “Songkran”.

During April 12th and 13th, children at Drop-In the Center and CPDC welcomed the new year.

Most of the Drop-In children went back to their home countries with their families for Songkran, therefore we celebrated the important and loved fest a little bit earlier than the rest of Pattaya. On the 12th April, the ceremony started at the ASEAN-EC with a beautiful performace of a tradiotional thai dance by some children and the blessing of everyone for the new year, followed by honouring some of our best students and finally everyone participated in another traditional dance. After that all the teachers and students got blessed in the traditional way.
One day later at the CPDC, the ceremony started with the usual blessing of students and staff for the new year. Afterwards, the children went outside preparing their water guns and other vessels to have an epic water battle to welcome the new year.
Both days offered the children a great time and they really enjoyed the fetivities.