German Football Star Jens Nowotny and his Family visit HHNFT

On Monday, October 14th, Khun Jens Nowotny, his wife Khun Michaela Nowotny and their daughter Lilly visited the Child Protection and Development Center. Since they are friends of our long-term sponsor Khun Reiner Calmund, Khun Jens Nowotny – a former player of the German national football team – and his family were very interested in learning more about the projects of HHNFT. While visiting the CPDC, he and his family were intrigued by the spacious area and its serenity. Especially the farming project with the vast vegetable beds, the pigs, the chickens and the crickets caught their attention. After a delicious lunch our guests were presented with gifts by the children of the CPDC as tokens of appreciation.

The next day family Nowotny came to the Pattaya Orphanage and the Drop-In Center. Seeing the classrooms and how the students were taught Thai, English and Khmer gave our guests an insight into the classes at the ASEAN Education Center. One of the older students gave a short presentation of the daily routine at the Drop-In Center, which was very informative for our visitors. Afterwards, the children gave a dance performance and sang a song for our honoured guests and everybody had lunch together. Family Nowotny even joined the meditation after lunch and listened attentively to the meditative singing of our students.

The staff and the children of HHNFT would like to thank Khun Jens and Khun Michaela Nowotny, as well as their daughter Lilly Nowotny, for their visit and their interest in our projects for disadvantaged children.