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Name of Bank: Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited|Branch: Pattaya (Sukhumvit Road)|Savings A/C No.: 591-0-04153-3|Swift Code: KRTHTHBK

Requirements for the CPDC

A direct contibution by donating needed items to one of our projects is also possible. Please have a look at the list below and contact our staff afterwards.


No. Items Unit Quantity Remark
1 Rice sacks/ month 3
2 Detergent gallon/ month 1 dish washing/ floor washing
3 Cooking Oil gallon/ month 1
4 Washing Powder pack (per house)/ month 1
5 Soap pcs. /month 65
6 UHT or Soya Milk pcs. /day 65
7 Amplifier  1 current one is old and needs to be replaced
8 Washing machine unit  3 for washing bad sheets, curtain etc.


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