Business Trip to Europe

With a tight schedule, Khun Toy flew to Germany, France and Switzerland during June 11-22, 2014. Arriving in Germany she met Ewald Dietrich and the whole Human Help Network Team at the HHN office in Mainz. As well, she had the chance to spend some time with the former and future volunteers of Human Help Network e.V..
These meetings were followed by a meeting with Sylvia, wife of Rainer Calmund and their adoptive daughter Nicha and other important supporters of Human Help Network Organisation. During her last days in Germany, Mrs. Rachada visited various adopting families to see how the children develop in their new homes. She was happy to see how  loving and caring the  families have become.
Arriving France on 14th of June she joined an important meeting about the Evolution of the Adoption in Thailand took place in Le Long, followed by different workshops with psychologists and representatives of adopted adults.
On 20th of June Mrs. Radchada headed of Zurich, were a reunion of 30 adoptive families took place. Filled with a lot of positive impressions, Khun Toy flew back to Bangkok, were the Human Help Network Foundation Thailand Team longingly awaited her.