CPDC Children Run for Fun

For preparation, every runner received a number and a pretty light blue T-shirt. Before lining up behind the start line, two women climbed the stage and animated everyone for a quick and effective warm up. Our children were highly motivated for the run and everyone took his guess on who is going to win.
The first start signal was for the men, fired at 5 o’clock, soon followed by a start signal for the women and start signals for the children, separated in different age groups. Along the beach, many supporters, viewers and tourist shouted their encouragement to those facing this challenge in the hot afternoon sun. It was great to see, how everyone tried his very best to reach the finish line and how unpracticed runners mixed up with highly trained runners ran to the goal.
As a runner reached the finish line (no matter if running or crawling) he or she was welcomed with a big applause and referred to the entrance of the Central Festival where Thai dishes, snacks and cool drinks were prepared. A big stage was built up were the fastest runners received their winning trophies. Lucky draw, dance performances and musicians made a great show until late at night and made the day unforgettable for all the runners.
We offer our heartfelt thanks to the Rotary Club, who made this day possible for the CPDC!