The CPDC welcomes Mr. and Mrs. Vang from Denmark

Mr. and Mrs. Vang later joined the children for dinner and to show our friendship and appreciation to them for the help they have given to CPDC they were presented with a small present from Khun Toy and a pretty floral arrangement from the children. They were delighted also to receive a very special picture made by their special girl and godchild, Lamyai.
On the following day, Saturday 23rd, Mr. and Mrs. Vang invited the children to spend a wonderful day at the Pattaya Park swimming pool.
Going to a huge water park like this is a rare enjoyment for the children of the CPDC. It was not surprising then that the children became so excited and enthusiastic about being given such an opportunity. All the kids took every advantage of the various pools and water slides throughout a wonderful sunny day which was only interrupted with lunch to renew their energy for more swimming, fun and enjoyment. This fantastic day ended with ice cream before the weary but happy children returned home.