Donations and a Sponsorship for the CPDC

Our guest arrived early in the morning at the Pattaya Orphanage. Happy about this visit some children of the CPDC joined the HHN team to thank Mr Cost-Chretien for his donation of many clothes and shoes for our Child Protection and Development Center. Interested in our work, he already visited various projects of HHNFT in and around Pattaya. He took the time to get in touch with our children and it was a pleasure to see, that he already found a place in their little hearts.-
Human Help Network is also very happy about his decision to take care of the sponsorship for the girl Muay. She and her siblings are now in charge of the CPDC and can now look into a brighter future, after they had to endure many bad experiences in their past.
Thank you very much Mr Cost-Chretien for your kindness and goodness. We truly appreciate this support. People like you show these children that there is someone who cares about them and their wellbeing.