Deaf students visiting the Regent’s school

The children arrived in the morning on the well-spaced compound of the Regent’s school. Teacher Paul Crouch extended a warm welcome to the group and led us to the sports hall where all the students were assembled. On a stage a group of girls from the Regent School was dancing a traditional thai dance, supported by a fantastic orchestra all the spectators were invited to dance with them.
After this everybody left the sports hall and the deaf students were led to the library. In this period the teachers and students from the school of the deaf taught four groups of students from Regent’s school on how to do the hand sign in thai language. By using some funny games they gave them an understanding of how to illustrate animals, fruits and colors with your hands. Everybody had so much fun by learning from one another.
After a sumptuous lunch, it was time for doing handicrafts.  With the Festival Loi Krathong  approaching we were doing Krathongs by using pieces of a trunk from the banana tree and decorate this by adding colorful flowers, candles and incense sticks. With the help of their teachers every child created his own Krathong which they were very proud of.
All in all it was a wonderful and exciting day for the little students from the school of the deaf and they came home with their handmade “Krathongs” and with a big smile on their faces. Our special thanks goes to the teachers from Regent’s school who arranged this great day which we were able to join and the unforgettable experience the children had on this day.