Family Leisen visited the Pattaya Orphanage and the CPDC

Both were shocked to see the misery and the low quality of living. To present them something more positive we drove to a school where some of the younger children of the CPDC were attending class. It was nice to see all this children who welcomed us very friendly in their classrooms.
On the 1st of December a longer stay at the CPDC was planned. So we arrived in the early midday to spend the time with the children. Shortly after arrival a soccer game was started which Mr. Leisen joined enthusiastic. Meanwhile Mrs. Leisen passed away the time with the girls. Next we shared lunch with our visitors and after this the soccer game was continued up to the time at which they have to leave back to their hotel.
Family Leisen was deeply impressed of our projects and shaped by the impressions of the last days. In the name of everybody we would like to thank them for their deep interest in our work and for taking the time to play with the children of the CPDC.