Girton school visits the CPDC

It was a sunny Sunday morning and the children of the CPDC were already playing some ball games when the group of students arrived at the compound of the Child Protection and Development Center. To give them an insight of the work of the CPDC we first guided the students over the whole area and explained them the several steps of work. The students were very impressed of the friendly atmosphere of the Center and the outgoing children and asked a lot of questions. After that we returned to the sports court to play with the children who gained the visitors immediately in their ball games such as badminton and football. A few girls from CPDC proved their skills in doing hairstyles on the heads of the visitors. After that the visitors were invited to join lunch with the children.
Time has passed so fast and after eating, the students from Girton School had to go back to Father Ray Foundation, where they are staying.
We want to thank the young students for their deep interest in our work, for the time they took to visit all these social welfare projects in Pattaya and of course for playing with the children.