Leading staffmembers of HHNFT paid visit to Germany

Their tour through Germany started in Frankfurt where they arrived on Friday the 14th of September. The next cities they visited were Winweiller, Saarbrücken followed by Berlin, Mainz and Heidelberg. Besides visiting families and their adopted children in different citys in Germany they had meetings with the director of Human Help Network at his office Mr. Ewald Dietrich and the HHN staff Mainz, the ministry of social, health, women and families in Saarbrücken, the Parents- Child- Bridge in Heidelberg. and Bureau Genevois d’Adoption in Geneva in Switzerland. Our director of  HHNFT also visited Switzerland to visit the Swiss adoptive familines in Geneva which was kindly organized by Bureau Genevois d‘ Adoption and was truely a succesful one.  Their trip had ended on a Sunday the 23rd at Frankfurt airport to fly back to Bangkok.
On behalf of our Director of HHNFT we want to thank all the friendly people who made it possible to welcome them in Germany and had given their hospitality to make their stay as enjoyable and fulfilling.