Activity day with TCIS students

This weekend a group of international students stayed in Pattaya visiting many charity projects such as Father Ray Foundation, CPDC and Pattaya Orphanage.
On Saturday morning they set out for the CPDC to spend time with the children.  After a competition of a game of tug of war, the children had the change to choose between different kinds of ball sports whether they wanted to play volleyball, basketball or soccer. The students also gave time to teach the children some easy Origami paper handicrafts.
Before the group left for the next project they distributed sweets, toys and donated rice and sanitary products as well.
After spending time with our children at the CPDC on Saturday the students of the TCIS came to visit the orphanage. The children there had the pleasure to be taken out for lunch to MC Donald’s. Once more the students succeeded in making our children smile.
We want to thank this young people for being interested in our projects, for sharing their time with our children and for the generous donations towards our projects.