Board Member of Lufthansa HelpAlliance visit HHN projects

Susanne previously visited the orphanage on its 36th anniversary. On this occasion she had the opportunity to tour the orphanage and see where HelpAlliance donations have been spent and where the benefits have been achieved, for example, the motivation room, which is very much enjoyed by all the children in their free time. Susanne will also undoubtedly remember her visit to the baby room and a special little girl with particular fondness. We hope it won’t be long before her next visit to the orphanage.
From the orphanage, the visit continued the short distance to CPDC when Ewald Dietrich, President of HHN, informed Susanne and all present about the future aims and objectives for the Centre. It was Susanne’s first visit to the Centre and she was clearly impressed with the facilities at the compound particularly the educational center and of course the pig and chicken farms, which the children are very much involved with.
We were very happy to show off to Suzanne the two accommodation houses at the Centre which were sponsored by Lufthansa’s HelpAlliance and we hope she will agree that the donations provided by HelpAlliance have been used wisely and put to the best possible use for the benefit of the CPDC. To mark this special occasion and to provide a souvenir for Susanne and her foundation team a picture was taken in front of our ‘Wall of Sponsors’ with Ewald Dietrich.
Thank you for your visit Susanne and thank you to your team at Lufthansa HelpAlliance for their generous help and donations towards the work we do at the Pattaya Orphanage and our home for the Street Kids at CPDC. We truly appreciate the goodness the kindness and support from distant support organizations like yourselve.